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 Once upon a time, all you thought or heard of  ❤  at first sight happened only in fairytales.

It’s like, when you’re not expecting to meet anyone, or you’re not in search of anything, but suddenly you spot someone, then it seems everyone else and everything around you blurs in the background, words and sounds fade through one ear and out the other. The only thing you feel is your beating heart and warm grin. The persons face framed and both your eyes flash stories where words would normally take place…..


Half Moon Bay 2013

Half Moon Bay 2013


This dated phrase originates from the early 1800’s when a prisoners shackled ankle restraint worsened the agony of sentence by the weight of an iron ball. This method of imprisonment later became an expression describing a Wife’s/Girlfriends strong hold on her Husband/Boyfriend. Usually, “Old Ball and Chain” is jokingly used although sometimes it can come across as a derogatory comment towards an overbearing partner regulating activities. This phrase can also describe a persons burden to their job for which employment elsewhere seems unattainable and current position remains tolerable to stress. Why am I writing this? My divorce was filed; officially….


Janice Joplin: Ball&Chain