Oh Sea!

Half Moon Bay 2013

Oh Sea!
Ripple tears & island grains,
Lashing sandy cheeks with shards of glass and mollusk shells.
I, alike a freckle of pearl
Rounds this soft face & flawed iridescence.

Oh Seashell!
Crystallized & fisherman knives
Slitting lips exposing pearls salt-watered worth.
I, alike the handle of blade
Holding open shell & revealing baroque.

Oh Seaman!
Spreading oceans & sailing hemp
Netting treasures along Pacific rims to highest bidders.
I, alike the captains insignia
Emblem like maritime helm & pearl dry.


Photography and Poetry Credits by Jeni

If Not..


If not by the wings of mighty plights,

Tie lest a string and soar beside him,

Be that like spirit which lifts accord-

Doth feathers brushing wind-chimes,

If not by the wings of mighty plights.


Photos, Media & Poem by: Jeni

Flames Ultimate Demise

His body cries like the hands of burning time,

flares like a candle-

one blow it dies.

I hear his mind,

screen thoughtless eyes-

his mouth trembling,

when I kiss those lips goodbye.

I watch his hatred blend with the cold of air-

holding my breath,

my bleeding heart still cares.

His whispers resound my pleads,

“You don’t understand me,”

I speak loudly!

Standing in his shadows silence alone,

faintest silhouettes enclose-

in tears I’m exposed. 

Alike the light that burned our memories bright,

dims under black cloak- of

stress and strife.

Nor you or I,

can ever descry the light.

I give up!

Your flames ultimate demise.