Rituals Philosophy

“We believe happiness can be found in the smallest of things. It is out passion to transform your everyday routines into more meaningful rituals…”


Last night my dearest brought back some very unsuspecting gifts from a shop called Rituals in London. Have you heard of them? I hadn’t.  As I unraveled each package of three, I was delighted by what I saw and smelled! Not only was the packaging fitting for my monochromatic tastes in design & decor, each of the candles from their well structured cardboard containers were so delectably fragrant! Because I was so impressed with my gifts and for the recent discovery of this brand, I just had to share and drop my fondness for their scented line on my blog. So thank you J and thank you makers over at rituals! Gros Bise!



The rice milk & cherry blossom offers a luxuriant fragrance and its oils will fill a room naturally. The tubular packaging reads, “Celebrate each day as a new beginning.” Umm thank you Sakura?


This mini collection comes black and sleek with a touch of masculinity!  How chic are these glass candle cups with scents perfect for this fall & winter season. I LOVE THESE! I took a whiff of each fragrance without reading their summary of notes and found these two to be my top favourites; The BLACK OUDH which has hints of spices and patchouli and the GREEN CARDAMON with a unique resinous fragrance, somewhat duskily floral and cinnamon like.



Right now they are offering  a special offer. Receive their lovely Private Collection mini scented candle set which includes the white GREEN CARDAMON and black INCENSE for free when you spend £45 or more.

Well? Go on then!