Saturday’s Scooter OOTD

Before our roll-over vehicle accident in May, I picked out a scooter I’ve been yearning for since the day we found out we were moving to Italy. You can imagine Sicilian-Italians motoring around in various mopeds, zipping through busy narrow streets, congested traffic inter-ways and winding along country roads. In my case, I’ve got country roads with fantastic sea views. Yay! Today was a great day for a scooter lesson and some riding along streets of our neighbourhood mountain top. This was only the 2nd time I was able to enjoy a lesson since  breaking my neck. I was really freaked out but was sure to take it real easy and of course I couldn’t help to break for a casual photo-op. Oh! Notice the Matty’s Curtis booties? Aren’t they perfect for scooter riding? Hmm.. maybe one day I’ll need to get a motorcycle? Umm..No!

The view behind me is our local village of Brucoli. We live just below the trees and down the mountain you see pictured behind me.


  • Peugeot 2011 50 cc Scooter purchased from Gego Motor in Catania, Sicily
  • Juventus Helmet by Luna Sports purchased from Gego Motor
  • Heritage 21 Cut-Offs
  • Express Button Down
  • Matty’s Curtis Booties
  • Anne Klein Cuff Chain Watch
  • Lucky 2 Pendant Necklace
  • Ben Bridges Silver Heart Chain
  • Estee Lauder Spanish Red Lip-color