In the mist, he frowns


Donald Campbell Dewar

I took notice of the many statues depicting Scotland’s most prominent figures. Every one of them serious in face. Except for one, cast naked with a pigeon! [ Laughing ] I’ll post that pic on Instagram.

Donald Dewar monument placed below the steps of Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall along Buchanan Street. His happened to be the 1st and only statue that had completely captured my gaze and inspired my photographic editing, a sort of haze worn thin and haunting. Although Mr. Dewar regarded as a very kind and humble Man, his statue renders a disappointing face.

Anyways, well praised for such efforts like; establishing National Parks, delegating land reform rights, participating within the Labour Party and assuring children safety, I think he seemed like a pretty cool guy.

Fringe Fest 2013

Hi Everyone! Sorry it’s taking me weeks, posting my favorite pics during my recent trip to Scotland. Did I mention this country experienced 3 seasons within a day? From bright & sunny, dreary & rainy to cold & windy. (similarly  to my trip to Colorado this past April with the most unexpected mid-week surprise. Snow for a day! The spring-winter wonderland coated inches on the ground, later melting as the temperature cleared Sunny and temps around 70 degrees.)

I enjoyed the 1/2 hour rain pour after walking out of Edinburgh castle, making my way back down royal mile with a smile. My SF Giants cap comfortably helped my pace down hill, and while most people huddled under awnings or waited for restaurant seating, I embraced Scotlands shower.  What’s my weather point? The rain cleared the crowd and no one was close enough to bump or shove shoulders with.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy viewing some of my fav pics snapped during the renowned Fringe Festival. The largest arts festival in the world! Events take place every August; lasting 3 weeks. An exciting art bonanza filled with street entertainers, comedians, magic shows, stage performers, artists and musicians. Thousands of gatherer’s and tour pushers teeming, endless stores and inviting restaurants lining the streets, but my interests focused on buildings architectural details.

These photographs were all structurally enhanced using saturation leveling, pixel detailing and ambiance enriching adjustments. Also, all photographed within a 3 hour time period. Do you see what I mean by 3 seasons in one?

More pics of Scotland to follow………….Thank you for visiting and/or following my Blog!