Beached At Cassis

Cassis Harbours

Looking towards Quai Saint-Pierre

Cassis Harbour

Cassis Harbour

Along the Quai des Baux

Along the Quai des Baux

Cassis La Ciotat Mountain Top View

Cassis is a charming village by the sea with merchants offering an array of beach wear and everyday fashions, souvenirs and plenty of delicious sea food. Durade! Durade! Durade! Most notably, Cassis is best known for its white wine. The beautiful turquoise waters offers an opportunity to enjoy a bit of the Mediterranean by boat for day trips to the Calanques, rentals for kayaking along the rocky shore lines or just taking casual dips in the water. Cold at first but once you’re in, its hard getting out from a sea swim with the ease of a rolling tide. Like to hike? There’s plenty of that. There are miles and miles of guided trials. For a stunning view drive or walk up to Cap Canaille, the highest coastal cliff in France.

I had the opportunity of visiting this bustling village for 4 days during the last week in August. Yes, its taken me months to update my blog. But I’ve been out of touch and then I just got really busy and then tired from being busy. 1st off, I didn’t have internet for over a month when moving into a new apartment. Just the internet I had on my iPhone. (Thank you instagram! You’ve been my photography outlet!) Then I started a job in the evenings and then school started and is every weekday for 5 hours each day and yada, yada, yada.. excuses, excuses. I mean, how long does it take to upload a post? For those that have a blog… you understand it takes nearly an hour at least! Include your editing of photos and formatting, it can’t take hours. Frankly, after an 1/2 of constructing a post, I need a break. But with my 4 day weekend and a cold virus to fight through, I’m updating my web journal now…finally. Next post? Aix En Province BABY!

Oh Sea!

Half Moon Bay 2013

Oh Sea!
Ripple tears & island grains,
Lashing sandy cheeks with shards of glass and mollusk shells.
I, alike a freckle of pearl
Rounds this soft face & flawed iridescence.

Oh Seashell!
Crystallized & fisherman knives
Slitting lips exposing pearls salt-watered worth.
I, alike the handle of blade
Holding open shell & revealing baroque.

Oh Seaman!
Spreading oceans & sailing hemp
Netting treasures along Pacific rims to highest bidders.
I, alike the captains insignia
Emblem like maritime helm & pearl dry.


Photography and Poetry Credits by Jeni