Galerie Vivienne Passage


The Galerie Vivienne is one of the many covered passages of Paris, in the 2nd where  we just happened to stumble upon while cruising through the many Japanese and Korean restaurants close to Rue de Rivoli yesterday. Yay!

Galerie Vivienne in 2nd arrondissement and built-in 1823. Originally named Marchoux until 1826. The decor in neo-classic style covered with elegant arched domes and hemispherical glass, mosaics, some paintings and sculptures and detailed wall motifs offers for nice architectural sight-seeing. This gallery offers a truly beautiful stroll under the bright sky lights. There are cafes & restaurants like Legrand Filles & Fils which specialises in wines and sampling a glass can costs as little as 6 euros.

You’ll also discover charming boutiques, one specialising in re-sale, a librarie and an art gallery you’ll have to check out! I won’t spoil the humour you’ll find in every painting. Let me just say, “brilliant!”

You can find Galerie Viviavenne close to the Metro station: Bourse with entrances from the rue des Petits-Champs, rue de la Banque and rue Vivienne and walk right in…













Current Style Favorites

I just wanted to share some of my current favorite ready to wear items in which I’ve worn out these days.

The black phantom bag is my second Celine purse. I can’t get enough of Celine’s beautiful and streamlined styles. But owning 2 is good enough for now and especially after patine her hefty price tags! But have you seen her 2014 Fall collection? Oh wow! I’m eyeing the belt bag  from that collection here!

The Kooples? Think edgy and chic rolled into one. The weather has been conducive for hat-wearing and best suited for me because I don’t like carrying umbrellas. So I think the hat is the perfect compromise for both protection and style. I’m slowly corroborating more off their fashions to hang in my wardrobe. With sales current in Paris until the 29th of July, I’m expecting prices too keep dropping before fall fashions take shift. IKKS and Sandro…please!

My crime leather tennis shoes are perfect for school and walking around Paris while looking casually chic. I bought them at a boutique in my neighborhood in search of a comfortable walking shoe that also looks stylish and are worn with, let’s say a blazer or cropped jacket and for a more dressier look.

How about the over-the-top rhinestone necklace from Zara? I know its huge! Its costume. But I make it work. At least I think the necklace works for dressing anything up! I love it! When I lived in Sicily in 2012, I thought Zara was my clothing heaven. Because whilst in California, the only Zara around was in Los Angeles and so I had to order Zara online. Soooo, kinda making Zara’s clothing brand unique. I don’t know about now. You’ll have to tell me. In Europe? BIG! In Paris? There’s a Zara in every arrondissement! I usually stick with basics especially since I’ve noticed they lowered their tariff for quality and make.

Just me Jeni

Just me Jeni

Eat, drink and buy jewelry near Arc de Triomphe!

Voila! Another beautiful Saturday has passed Paris, but Paris will never pass up a beautiful a day in France.


For a nominal fee, head to the top!

Here at the Arc de Triomphe, is where the old Paris links with new Paris. One of France’s popular monuments is at the end of one of the worlds most famous boulevards, Champs- Élysées. An artist named Blouet, completed the monument and was given the  honor of inscribing the message, “This monument which was begun in 1806 to honor the great army, was left unfinished for many years, was continued in 1823 with a new purpose, and was completed in 1836 in the reign of King Louis-Philippe I who dedicated it to the glory of France’s armed forces. G. A. Blouet, architect.” Those words scribed on the stone and sums up the meaning behind the monuments purpose. Also, its statue honors those who perished while fighting in the French Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars. The Arc de Triomphe symbolically towers between France’s old and new divisions lines, with arches representing unity for all. Hence, where the old Paris meets the new. This is Arc de Triomphe!

Like what you see? Scroll along and share the day with us.

 Lunch at Chez Clement.

After lunch, we headed next door to Dihn Van. A jewelry designer who studied under Courtier for 10 years before launching his own company. His designs are well-known throughout Paris, kinda adding to the, um, er, what I like to call, “stock your wrist syndrome.” Adding as many accessories to ones wrist so that it bears the keepsakes of your memories. Any ways, with the monument to the left of us, showing its ornate architectural design and scribe for unity, it seemed fitting that we buy a DH bracelet to symbolize our day. So, with the hand cuff bracelet I’m wearing, decry of  bondage or controlling restraint, is Jus a close reminder meant to symbolize devotion and unison in a world of opposition. Honor to arc de Triomphe!

(Now, I feel like watching Les Mis!)

Nespresso instead?

Take it from me, stop by Nespresso and sit for bit. Relax, unwind with the soft swanky sounds of lounge music and then perk yourself back up with these Cafe coffee shakes with red velvet powder and cocoa shavings! Yummy! Delicious!