Sancti Sebastiani Faces

You may have all realized how long its been since the last time I’ve blogged and I admit just how very much I’ve felt empty without my penchant for blogging. For reasons I’m too discreet to disclose, I took a little hiatus. But, I’m back and even better. I took out my camera today and captured this beautiful door on the church of Sancti Sebastiani in the little mountain town of Melili. The sculptures molded in the metal doors were quite striking, especially with the contrast and tint work I edited into the photograph. Hope you enjoyed looking at them and felt a sense of emotion from the photographs. I’ll be checking on all of your blogs soon!


Vintage Bar Cart

I’ve wanted a vintage bar cart for years. This past Sunday we headed to the vintage/flea market in Catania for the 1st time. There it was, in all her brass and vintaged glory. Negotiating down to 23 euro, she was sold to me. With just a little bit of metal polish using a dry cloth, I restored her whilst keeping some of the tarnished condition in order to preserve her history. That ring or stain on the bottom wood? Just dust outlines; gone. How old is this…..?

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Cocktail anyone?

Before the clean up….

This took a lot of silver polish!


 Crystal glasses….

Shinier! Patron anyone?