Soccer Post Sun & Childs Arson Play


A mid-day picnic at Bartholomew Park, where for the 1st time after hearing and driving pass many times, the act of arson never caught my eyes until today. I focused on the remnants of this ungraded playground, set purposefully ablaze in the middle of the night some weeks ago. A story I never cared enough to follow, although maybe as a Mother, would naturally pique my innate and natural sense of curiosity. Anyways, the sadness alone, occurring within this upscale neighborhood, burns enough red in my eyes and fuels enough fire at our indiscriminating world.

No one is safe and not one thing protected always.

Anyways, as I curved around the chain link fence, which enclosed climbing and sliding echoes with colors mixed of grimy black charred wood chips as black as the barren tar underneath than noticing the playground clone, unusually  close. I spent too much time wondering, “Why haven’t this mess been bull dozed away?” Ongoing crime scene? Or fare-fetching idea that a playgrounds crypt meant a lesson were learned here. There were no little pits&pats of tiny feet playing that day…eh. Nice scenery don’t you think? How would you explain the arson to your child. Would they feel threatened? Too young to comprehend? Still in la-la land?

We can’t protect our children’s eyes from everyone or everything.

As my focus finally gave way to the sprawling green grasses and mid-life age of trees, I made my way from the shade and towards one of the soccer goals where the metal angled beams shaded the sun in such an abstract way. I felt more safe under the sun’s heat, I even braved my palm to the post when I wouldn’t dare touch the chained fence I stood earlier before, discerning reckless ablaze. The rays warmed my heart and as I brought my camera up to the sky taking 3 snaps……I knew I had abstracted a beauty not many would agree. But many agreeable to the abuse hurting our youth. That topic burns through my heart deeper than where the sun barely scathed my skin.

I’m unable to please everybody but I’m learning what pleases me.