Water of Leith


Stockbridge Sinage

Welcome back to Edinburgh, Scotland where we stayed in the cool area of Stockbridge! THANK YOU Ian! As soon as I arrived, I noticed a very narrow and calming river as we passed over the Dean Street Bridge. Looking down, I knew my Husband and I would have to set aside some time for exploring the waterway. Not knowing what to expect, we headed down to the Water of Leith Walkway on an unusually sunny and tepid early evening and took our footpath downwards from Dean Terrace Street in the direction leading to Dean Village.

Join us on our mini-adventure as we share with you the pictures we had taken along the way…


Bridge connecting Dean Street Terrace & Makenzie Place.


St Bernards Well.

This building was designed by the painter Alexander Nasymth sometime in 1789, and the statue inside (not pictured) represents Hygeia the Greek goddess of health. Apparently, once a natural spring well sprouted from this area and those who waded in its waters were thought to be blessed with better health.


Cheers to better health!


Access to Hygeia is blocked off. Thanks Justin for trying!


Lush landscape and mini water falls!


Justin scoping the walls of the Dene.


Queensferry Road, Dean Bridge above.


View of Rhema Church.


Entering Miller Row.


Along Dean Path.


Dean Village. ADORABLE!

From this point we had to take a detour around and through Belford & Sunbury Mews due to a path erosion deemed too dangerous for Pedestrians. Despite being taken off our trail from entering through Dean Village entrance, this detour offered a more in depth opportunity to view the local architecture of quieter family living.


Where we got back on track.


Belford Road above.


So calming.


Getting closer to the Edinburgh Sports Club. An ideal landmark for your route.

10 minutes further into our walk from this point, it was time to head back, but not before stopping in the Wester Coates area and resting on a bench in a meadow watching the herons wading, dogs paddling and other couples marching by…


Finally back on the bridge and on our way back to the center of Stockbridge!

Thank you for joining us on this visual trip down memory lane. For those who plan to visit the wonderful city of Edinburgh, please take some time out to enjoy this very picturesque route which actually runs about 12 miles and consists of compressed earth and some tarmac. Overall the surface is ideal for tennis shoes, some biking and a lot of photo opportunities.